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Photos courtesy Wanxin & Diane Zhang

At the Crocker Art Museum with sculptor, Lisa Reinertson, Manuel Neri and curator, Scott Shields, June, 2013.

Pam Dixon Album


The Modern Art Council of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) hosted the 2011 Bay Area Treasure Award Dinner, honoring esteemed artist Mark di Suvero, at the St Regis Hotel in San Francisco on Wednesday, November 16, 2011. A Benefactor Champagne Reception also took place on SFMOMA’s Rooftop Garden prior to the award dinner.


X-Rated Valentine Show

Skinner Howard Contemporary Art

February 2011

left to right

Pamela Skinner, Manuel Neri, Pam Dixon, artist, Betsy Kluga, artist, Gwenna Howard

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Other Projects: H. Vernor Dixon

Portrait of Pam Dixon painted by Diane Zhang.

Stan Dann and Margaret Dann with Manuel Neri in his studio, 2013.

Pam Dixon in her studio with Gregory Ghent, well known Bay Area art critic, collector, gallery owner, museum curator, art historian, appraiser, artist and philanthropist.

Read his review of Dixon ReVue...

At Wanxin Zhang’s Opening at the Richmond Art Center  with June Schwarcz, 2012.             

With Manuel Neri at the home of Elizabeth and Clark Swanson (Napa's Swanson Vineyards) honoring artist Ira Yeager.

Pam Dixon visiting Betty & Clayton Bailey & friends at the Bailey Art Museum in Crockett with Manuel Neri, July, 2013

At the opening of The Works of Wanxin Zhang at the Sanchez Art Center with Madeline Ibrahim, Wanxin Zhang, Alan Osborne, Pam Dion and John Held Jr.

- July, 2013

Sculptors Convention: John Buck, Manuel Neri, Pam Dixon, Madeline Ibrahim, Alan Osborne, Deborah Butterfield, Diane Zhang

-  August, 2013

Visiting the Fisher collection at GAP headquarters with Manuel Neri.     August, 2013

Picnicking with painter Livia Stein and Manuel Neri at Gallery 621.

-August, 2013

Visiting with Manuel Neri and  artist Jan Wurm

-October, 2013

with Manuel Neri and Laura Sattersmoen, curator of the Fisher Collection

Manuel Neri with a Duane Hansen, Pam Dixon, TaVee McAllister Lee and Susan Aulik touring the Fisher Collection.

-August, 2013

Peg Jackson shooting Dixon Revue at Gallery 621.

Anna Walker with Pam Dixon’s Man of Flowers

Pam Dixon with Manuel Neri, Robert Ray and Lisa Neal at the Robert Ray Collage Workshop at Gallery 621, February 2014.

above: Pam Dixon’s Cut Up Girls attend the Arty Party hosted with Lee Wilder Snider, Fall, 2013.

right: Gallery 621 hijinks with painter Lee Wilder Snider, February 2014.

Pam Dixon at Robert Hudson’s Studio

with Tom Arnold and painter Natalie Ng in Manuel Neri’s Garden.    - 2013

Manuel Neri and Wanxin Zhang share a Birthday Party in Napa: Nicolai and Bettina Zurek, Natalie Ng and Tom Arnold, Wanxin and Diane Zhang, Pam Dixon and Manuel Neri

Manuel Neri and Pam, drawing by Diane Ding

Maggie TerryViale with Pam Dixon and Manuel Neri

at the opening of Dixon Revue at Gallery 621.

With Lisa Reintertson at the Opening of Edge of Extinction at the Pence Gallery in Davis

-May, 2013

Photo: Keri Luiz

Wayne Thiebaud, Mr & Mrs. William T. Wiley, Angie Manuel Neri, Natalie Ng and Pam Dixon at the ceremonial groundbreaking for the Shrem Museum of Art

- March 1, 2014

Photos: TaVee McAllister Lee

Photo: Madeline Ibrahim

Photos courtesy of Tom Arnold

Critic, Gregory Ghent

Photos courtesy of Elaine Eisner

Photo courtesy of Tony Natsoulas

Photo courtesy Maggie TerryViale

Benicia Arts and Culture Commission Film Fest: Pam Dixon and Manuel Neri with Arts and Culture Commission Chairperson, Elaine Eisner

- May 2014

above left: Manuel Neri and Pam Dixon at Gallery 621 on the occasion of the awarding of a City of Benicia and Solano County lifetime achievement awards to Manuel Neri and Robert Arneson.

above right: Benicia Mayor Elizabeth Patterson presents Manuel Neri with a Lifetime Achievement Award in the Arts.

left: sculptor Wanxin Zhang at the opening of Transmigrational: Ceramics from the Corridor